Sound turned off during playback

I had ntrack open and it was working fine. I plugged a thumb drive in my computer and ntrack asked me something about using it or finding an appropriate audio path for the thumb drive. Not really understanding what it was asking I just quickly clicked “no” and now ntrack will not play on my speakers. I see the VU-meters lighting up during playback but nothing is coming out of the speakers. I can play other things like YouTube videos and other playback devices on my computer through my speakers, but nothing from ntrack. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANK YOU.


make sure you have the correct audio device selected in the Settings → Audio devices box.
For more info on how to configure audio devices check out this video tutorial:



Thank you! Yes, that worked! I don’t know how that got spontaneously changed, mid-project.

I appreciate and am amazed at your personal assistance.

N-Track has been a wonderful part of my musical life for over 20 years!

Your work is very much appreciated.

Thank you for everything!