soundcard AUDIOPHILE 2496

Anyone use this card? I need some help!

I just buy a n soundcard AUDIOPHILE 2496. Someone use this card with n-track studio? Is necessary any special adjustments in n-track software and on card? For 24 bit recording what option have to select on ‘‘select audio format’’? Is there 3 diferent options for 24bit recording. what is the right? :)

ASIO has always worked best for me with the Audiophile. (Win XP)

If you have problems with pops an clicks, increase the dma buffersize in the ‘hardware settings’ tab of the m-audio delta control panel.

Good luck!

thank you very much for your reply! The software needs any spesial adjustment? i think no, but im not sure… What about 24bit recording? For this card what is the right adjustment between three diferent options of 24bit recording… I have some problems with that!! :)

24 bit will give you a better overall recording but if you want to burn it to a cd it must be converted to a 16 bit i beleive.

there is a 3 diferent option to choose about 24bit. There is 24bit , 24bit unpaged ,and 24bit left justified. what is the right adjustment? :)

If you want to use ASIO (recommended) you must register N-Track for 24bit.
No further settings are required. Most default settings of N-Trank as well as the drivers are OK.

While we’re talkin’ Audiophile 2496, I just reinstalled mine this weekend into a Athlon 1.4 box (A7A266 mobo, Radeon 7000 AGP video) running windows 2k. I had to increase the buffer to 1024 before a multitrack project would play without clicks. Is this typical, or are you folks getting away with smaller buffers?

To the original post - I just use ASIO and the default 24 bit setting with no problems. The ohter 24 bit settings are for compatibility with files from other programs, I believe.

what asio are you use? there are many… i use WDM:m-AUDIO DELTA AP 1/2. do you think is the right?
at the ‘‘PREFERENSES’’ - Settings- audio devises-wave devises- apears two columns to selecto asio drivers. Anyone knows what i have to select at audio playback devises on the lefto and audiorecording devises on the right? we are talkink for the same card AUDIO FILE 2496. I think that is the problem. ???

what is the right sampling frecuency for 24 bit recording?

Well … WDM is not ASIO … I always use ASIO, so I actually can’t tell how WDM behaves.
Anyway - sampling frequency … Depends on what you want to do I think. I was never able to hear any difference between 96 and 44.1. This is probably because my hearing is bad, but on the other hand, I never had anyone turning down on me saying that “this is recorded in 44.1 instead of …”
Just be aware that 24/96 requires 3 times more storage than 16/44.1

My M-Audio Delta 410 uses the 24 Bit left-justified setting if thats what your looking for?


Hey, would anyone be able to help me setup MIDI for n-tracks w/ the Audiophile 2496 card?

Admittedly, I’ve never done MIDI before, I’ve just been recording acoustic guitar and vox for a couple of years, but figured it was time to try it out.

As of now, I’ve got the MIDI cable out from my keyboard into the MIDI in of the 2496. From there, I’m a little lost as to what to do in n-tracks? Can I listen to the MIDI through the same methods as the regular audio I’ve recorded? As you can see I am very new to this. I plan on getting Drumkit From #### and programming drums eventually. Thanks very much.

I’m no midi expert, but here’s a few observations:

Unlike audio files, midi files are internally just a series of messages that tell a device what notes to play, which program or instrument number to use, and what special effects (reverb, etc) to apply. The midi file has no understanding of the instrument it’s sending it’s message to: so if you send a ‘C’ note on program 1 to a general midi soundbank (such as in a SoundBlaster) it will play a ‘C’ in the SoundBlaster’s version of a piano sound. But if you send it to your keyboard, it will play whatever sound you have set up as program 1.

The Audiophile doesn’t have midi sound capability itself (I use a SoundBlaster Live & Soundfonts for that) - but you can use it as a midi interface to your keyboard. (Or to a software synth/instrument channel - maybe somebody else will explain that, as in many ways it’s simpler than working with your keyboard sounds)

You’ll need to connect both the midi-out and midi-in from the keyboard to the soundcard (and vice-versa) so you can both send midi messages from the soundcard to the keyboard (to generate sounds :)) and from the keyboard to the soundcard (so you can record midi notes)

Once you have everything hooked up right, in file/settings/preferences/midi settings/midi devices (whew!) select the Delta AP Midi as both the midi in and midi out device.

Then create a new midi track in n-track (track/insert blank track/midi) Make sure that you’re in midi recording mode (There’s an icon at the top with either a microphone, a keyboard, or both. The keyboard is midi mode)

Then press record and plunk around on your keyboard. When you click stop, you should now hopefully have a series of midi notes generated in the midi track. If you click play, you should now hear the notes playing on your keyboard. To record these notes to an audio file, just route the keyboard sounds back to the soundcard. (I go from my keyboard into my mixer, then from the RCA outs of the mixer to the RCA ins of the Audiophile.)

There are a gazillion things you can do with midi, but hopefully this will help you get started!


well bonkers limey ere as powertracks fer the midi trks cos its so blinkin good n big N mor a audio multitrker.
been big fan o big N fger ages but gotta be up front cos powertracks got rest licked on midi stuff

Thanks for all the help JonM, everything is working out perfectly now, really appreciate it.

Anyway n-track 24bit with AUDIOPHILE 2496 works only with WDM audio delta ap 1/2 AND 24bit and 24bit unpacked left justified on select audio format…
Someone can tell me somethink better??