Soundcard problems

Soundcard problems

I have a constant soundcard problem; when I record an acoustic signal, a vocal or instrument via a microphone, the playback goes offtime, out of sync. If anyone can offer advice, consider the set-up I have [please].

I use a FostexVF160 as a mixer/desk. Mics are input via a Behringer 2496. The soundcard is a C media antique. The computer is a Packard Bell about 5 years old so probably horribly out of date, but this is what I got. The oprating software is Windows XT. The computer came with a built-in soundcard, all on one circuit board. N.B. the sync problem only occurs with signals via the XLR inputs, lo impedence balenced inputs. Inputs via the hi jack i/p go o.k.


a new computer? I can het a pre-owned IBM for less than 200 Euros, a machine with separate boards for everything instead of the all-in-one monolith in my present box. Chances are the soundcard in this will also be innadaquate so any ideas on a cheap-but-functional soundcard I can implant?

[ii] how do I reconcile the anomalies between the computer soundcard settings & the nTrack settings? My computer knowlege is 1 degree above cretin but my wife is pretty flient with software, so fire away with jargon but please don’t take this question as an opportunity to show off gow fab you are. This is a case of gelp the hopeless & I suncerely hope someone out there can.

This has been addressed many times.
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