Soundcards and interfaces

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Soundcards and Interfaces for Home Studios


If you have an audio interface do you need a soundcard too?

Answer: No.
The audio interface will take care of all of the computer’s audio functions. A PCI audio interface comes with a breakout box and its own PCI card.
The Firewire audio interface does not need a card at all.

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One added bit: If you are using a firewire interface, many manufacturers advise that you have a TI firewire chipset. This may mean you have to buy a PCMCIA (cardbus) to firewire card for a laptop or a PCI card for a desktop to have the unit work well.

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What a great link… I’d say it needs to be read several times, then, read again… It covers everything from the basket to the casket, so-to-speak…

I began to gloss over the pages to see just what was there… I didn’t reach the end page… Whoever was involved in putting this together didn’t seem to miss anything in it’s assembly…

It’s done in the form of technical writing… The British are the best technical writers known… In my opinion, that is…


When I was researching my project home studio I found this site very helpfull.


ooops, its the same site. hehehe, I should have checked first.

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This is probably a simple question, but I don’t have an answer for it.

I have just gotten an Echo 12 and will be recording at 24/192. Now here is what I don’t know.

I will occasionally use my Acer tablet and there is no firewire and anything I record on it (using n-track) will be recorded at 16/48. I am networked into my main PC with the Echo. Does anyone know how easy it is to convert the 16/48 to 24/192?

I seem to remember that n-Track converts imported files to fit what you are working with, automatically. I can’t check right now b/c it’s down in the basement on the other computer. Anyone?

Hate being a pain but I am having trouble getting my Echo audiofire 12 working with nTrack.

Here is what I have now:

Behringer xenyx2442 fx using direct outs going to Echo inputs and the firewire going to the computer.

Right now the playback is set for a lexicon alfa USB to speakers and also using the headphone jack for listening.

My question is do I use ASIO- ASIO firewire - WMD ? I had ntrack 6 totally crash and have gone to a more stable (in my opinion) ntrack 5 and am hoping for some help before I go crazy again.

Progress report… I still can’t get the Echo 12 to run on n-Track 6 without crashing. But the good news is that it runs beautifully on n-Track 5. Even Flavio is stumped on this one, but as long as it works I am a happy camper.