Soundcards smouncards


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong… BUT
With the way interfaces are and the folks here that have them… Why in the world would someone spend good money for a soundcard?

With so many new guys asking about soundcards lately it just drives me nuts! Why are folks even still messing with soundcards?

You need an interface - NOT a soundcard!

Everyone: Read all of it over and over and over until it sinks in!!!

:laugh: :agree:


I have a soundcard interface combo, whatcha think of that?
:laugh: I don’t want to read all that.
It makes my eyes cross.
But I might

I know Levi - reading sux doan’it?

There’s some nice little gens in there though. Stuff you’ll end up cttin’ n’ pastin’ - watch it now whatch it! Mind if I call you Wooly Bully?