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You May Have Money Waiting: Vital Information on SoundExchange

It’s the law: If your music sells over non-terrestrial radio (Internet radio stations, XM/Sirius webcasters, Internet Radio and digital cable/satellite television music services like Music Choice and Muzak), you are owed money, and they have to pay. The money is held for you at a government-sanctioned non-profit company called SoundExchange (find them at But you can’t get your money if you don’t register with them!

TuneCore is working with SoundExchange to find recording artists and those who own the master (sound recording) rights to their tracks/albums to let them know they might be owed digital performance royalties. For more information or to register, visit, call them at (202) 640-5858 or email them at

Fast Facts about SoundExchange:

* There is no registration fee.
* SoundExchange is the sole performance rights organization designated by the US Copyright Office to collect and distribute these royalties to artists and sound recording copyright owners (SRCO) (typically record labels or recording artists themselves) for the use/play of their recordings.
* You can be a member of both ASCAP/BMI/SESAC (as a songwriter) and SoundExchange (as a recording artist), as each collects for different copyrighted works: one for the underlying musical composition, the other for the sound recording.
* The digital performance royalty is split 50% to the copyright owner, 45% to the featured artist and 5% to the non-featured artists.
* SoundExchange has processed 2 billion performances and has already paid out over $200 million in royalties to thousands of artists and copyright owners.
* SoundExchange is searching for recording artists and labels who have yet to register and start receiving this new revenue stream! Please tell them to register with SoundExchange today

IMPORTANT: Time is of the essence—if recording artists or their heirs do not come forward and register with SoundExchange soon, they may forfeit their rights to all or a portion of their royalties. To register, visit, call them at (202) 640-5858 or email them at
ya’ll may want to check it out if you get a lot of Internet Radio etc… Airplay.