Soundfonts Spots

Hi everyone,

My music typically always involves more acoustic instruments than synthesizers and have always looked for synthesizers that kinda sound like this and that…french horns, musettes, etc.

I really started getting into soundfonts when I seen they arent so CPU intensive as many of the synthesizers that pretend to sound like them. A lot of these sound fonts sound really quite good! Just load them up in a sampler and in VERY rare cases, tweak the sound with the sampler’s filters and envelopes.

Does anyone have a compiled list of the download sites for soundfonts? I heard there are quite a handful out there on net-land.



where start, and here a little list where to search:

Be aware that you can spent hours downloading soundfonts, and very much of them can be real garbage, is preferably always to ask about a specific instrument advise.

Well, luck!

Last time, you can found some nice free giga files, that you can use as is, or convert to soundfont or other format.

Hey Marce?

Do samplers that accept soundfonts accept fonts that are above version 2?

I seen fonts that say sf 2.1 and that it requires specific cards?
Is this applicable to soft samplers?

sfz will handle them.

Just sfz or do most software samplers anticipate soundfonts greater than v2?

Most that play soundfont format files. The spec is dated July 1998.


Some of them arent that great but Im finding that most are satisfactory to really good.

The most that I am picky about is the acoustic piano and none of them sound great alone anyways. I pick a really good dry clean acoustic piano sample and then double that track with one setting a low eq and the other setting with a high bright eq and then send both of those to a aux send using the right reverb setting to get that nice rich FULL bodied piano sound track. If only I could get pedal and hammer action sounds for the nuances I’d be satisfied heh