Sounds a bit flat.

Record and playback not at same pitch.

I just started using my n-Track 4 software recently, and I am mostly stumbling my way through the features. I notice that when I play back a recording made through my microphone input, the notes (and my voice) are about 2 half-steps lower than the original. Is there some way to “tune” the software in order to get faithful reproduction? Thanks in advance for any help.
Ron Sheets

Try changing the sample rate to 48khz by pressing Ctrl+P. The first tab should have the selection. Set it to 48000 and try again. You may have a “resampling” thing going on with your soundcard. What card are you using?


Thanks for the suggestion; I will try that this evening. I am currently using the integrated sound on my Dell Dimension 4600, a SoundMax I think. I have a Creative 24 bit sound card which I am considering installing.
Ron Sheets.

Oh, mighty Diogenes, your suggestion worked perfectly. At 48,000, the pitch is an exact match. If you have the time, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on my sound card (or integrated sound, currently).
Ron Sheets :D

Nothing “mighty” here friend! That’s a common problem and will be a problem with your Creative card as well most likely. My PC has the SoundMax integrated too. It’s not bad but NOISY as heck! Even the cheapest external card (Tascam US-122) is a HUGE improvement in sound quality. The higher end Creative stuff is not too bad though. You ought to give that 24 bit card you have a shot. IF there are funky sample rate issues, just record at 48K and remember to do your final mixdowm at 44.1K 16 bit before burning to CD.

What happens is the chip is internally running at 48K ALL the time and resampling in real-time for 44.1khz playback/recording. As you can guess this “real-time” resampling can cause all sorts of synchronization issues and weird anomalies. Specially if you push the thing hard.

Glad you got sorted out. Try that Creative and let us know how you make out. If nothing else, I just about garauntee (sp?) the signal to noise ratio will be better. You’ll see a lower noise floor as well.