Spank that plank !


Just nicked this one from the Gretschpages :…=1[url]
Some device ! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Holy Strat, Batman, I’m waiting for serial no. 2!


Hah! A real man can play SIX strats at once without the aid of fancy machinery. Females, only five, though, except with the aid of a simple attachment.



And that attachment would be…?

Ohp…do I have to pull out my male/female species Venn diagram? looks at diagram Hmmm…well, I have reconsidered, and I am now fairly confident that females have the upper hand here. If my calculations are correct, women should be able to play SEVEN Strats–no attachments necessary–with men still limping along at six…well, unless they’re really limping along, then it’s only five. Ok, ok, the horse is dead now, I know.



No bids yet? c’mon guys!!!:p :p :blues:


What the he11 is it?!?

It strums but does it fret?

That dude has WAY too much time on his hands… get his address and I’ll ship him a few kids!