specifying drumkit for N-Track Drums

Question relating N-Track Drums


Love the program.

Question about N-Track Drums.

I got all the extra drum kits and installed them.

I want to enter all my drum beats in manually in the piano roll window.

I right click on N-Track Drums in the mixer to bring up the N-Track Drums window and I choose a drum kit from the drop down menu. I choose "Acoustic Live."

I look at what types of drums are in that kit and then I go to the Piano Roll window and enter some drums in. It sounds great.

I come back the next day and the drum kit has reverted back to the default drum kit.

Here is my question:

Can I specify which drum kit I want in the properties window of the track or something?
How do I stop it reverting back to the default kit?

Is there a list of what program number relates to which drum kit?

Are there instructions for N-Track Drums.


on clear space in desktop right click mouse, then NEW then FOLDER - name folder MY DRUM KITS -

open N - set up your drum kit - when completed click on FLOPPY DISK icon, on NTDs GUI, SAVE SINGLE PRESET - in popup save box navigate to DESKTOP/ MY DRUM KITS, name kit and save - do same for as many kits as you like -

NOW although you have saved the preset its not yet LOCKED into NTD so on NTDs GUI click on the little folder icon, load single preset, navigate to MY DRUM KITS and select preset you have just saved - now your preset is locked into NTD and should open automatically when you start NTD (if not its easy to load it in again manually)


click on MENU in NTDs GUI click PREFERENCES - TURN OFF REVERB - WHY ? because with reverb set to ON you are limited to what you can do with it, it is better to use another REVERB EFFECT (like SIR) to get the right sound -

Dr J


Thanks for taking the time to give me such a perfect answer, may your cookies never grow stale.