Speed Up Track

I am having a problem to speed up a track could some one help me thanks

Sure. Explain what you mean by speed up. Do you want to the pitch to stay the same, or is it ok for the pitch to rise? Is it an existing wave track? There lots of different interpretations of “speed up a track” – tempo, pitch, tempo with no pitch shift, (ironically) pitch shift with no tempo change (sounds sped up but doesn’t play any faster).

Speeding up playback can be done by selecting a DirectSound output device and using the built-in playback speed control. That’s a non-destructive playback option that will speed up playback of the whole song.

Speeding up a track - a single wave - without changing pitch should usually be done in a wave editor that has functionality to do this while causing less audible artifacts. If pitch change is okay then the artifacts, aside from the pitch shift, will be much less and most wave editors do a good job.