Splicing issue with N-Track 6.0.9 2573

Spliced part won’t move independently

Hi, I’m having problems with moving a spliced part and wonder if it anyone has encountered and conquered this.

I spliced a wav file and when attempting to move it forward or back, N-Track treats the spliced section of the wave as if it was never spliced and moves the NON-SPLICED section along with it. I can select and REMOVE the part from the song as if it is independent, but cannot select it and move it without the UNSELECTED section of wave coming along for the ride. I even tried moving the spliced section to another track and, again, the UNSPLICED section comes along for the ride. Maddening…

I’d greatly appreciate any help!


Hi. Working from the right, left click to select part, right click in part, ‘un-group parts’.

Bingo… Thanks so much, Tony.

Good tip, going to move it to the tips and tricks section.




Also. (loads of threads, here, from the Wizards - thanks guys)

Whenever editing wave or midi parts in the timeline, make sure that you have deliberatley and acurately ‘selected’(left-click like your life depends on it) the part intended - especialy in destructive edit mode.