Spliting a Live file in multiple CD Tracks

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I have a 1 hr and 20 min. wav file so I want to split it to make 12 tracks ones is CD burned. so How should I do that on N-Track 6.02 Beta

Here’s what I did when I had to do that.
Bet there’s a better way.

1. save the long file under the first song name.
2. Save it under the second song name.
3. Save it under the third song name.
4. etc.
13. Go back to the first song file saved, make sure you are not using destructive edit (um, better make a copy of the file and put it in another folder somewhere just in case) and find the end of the first track, and pull the right hand part of the wave file back to it.
Render the track.
14. Load the second song.
Find the beginning of the track and pull the left part of the wave file to it, and again for the right hand side.
15. Etc.

If you want the same compression or EQ across the whole thing, put it in at step one.

Now, this won’t guarantee that any audience noise will be continuous, supposing this is a live recording and you want it to sound like a live album without any breaks.

Another option is to use an editor like Goldwave to do it; that’ll guarantee continuity.

Like I said, I’m sure there’s a better way, but I thought I’d chime in anyway.
So when someone posts the right way to do it, just ignore this post.


Another option is to use an editor like Goldwave to do it; that'll guarantee continuity.

Since I could never get n's CD burning facility to work right for some reason, I gave up on it. I have Adobe Audition which is a much better tool for mastering and CD authoring anyway. Tom's suggestion would be the way I'd go if I were you. Nero also has excellent authoring tools for splitting tracks inserting/setting gaps, fades etc...


This is the way I would try it.

1. Splice the original file at your desired track points
2. Drag each to a separate track.
3. Bounce each track to a new file.
4. Rename all the files the way you want them.
5. Then you can use N’s CD burner or another of your choice.

If you need to edit them, you can do before or after bouncing the tracks.

Thank you guys for yours ideas, know I have a better picture of what I’m doing. thanks for taking your time to help me. :)

Another method: slice the track into the verious “songs”. Highlight the the first slice/section and do a mixdown on that section, saving it under the name of the song to a new file. (The mixdown screen will let you mix part of a file, it shows the lenghth of a highlighted section)
Then you can burn them as seperate songs on your CD.
If I have a long recording that I want to cut into seperate songs and they require different effects, Then I highlight a section, do a Edit>Cut, clear the hightlight by clicking off the track area, and paste to a new track. On the seperate tracks, you can then use different effects and balance to the whole recording. Then mixdown each track to a seperate file,

thanks, BAX3, I’m going a try this way too to see which one is faster, I already did the way TomS say and it work fine, just I feel like I did to many steps. I just got this software and I dont know too much.

Even quicker is to use Nero instead of n-track as it allows you to add track markers when you burn the cd.

Check out Willy’s tutorial on Audio minds: http://audiominds.com/mastering/nero.php

Seconding Mark’s Nero method. I use that all the time. Import the whole wav file, and just insert splits at various points in the file. Much easier than cutting it up into little pieces…

Do the new versions of NERO let you do that.
I have NERO 5 which does let you do that.
And I used to split my albums with NERO 5. (Great)
But I haven’t tried it with the bundled versions like 7 or above.
Do they still incorporate that capability?