Star Spangled Banner…lrainey

let me know what ya think.

Sounded pretty cool (as well as patriotic). The intro was very creative and I like the harmonized guitar parts - that was really cool.

Stingray Shuffle is a nice contrast, especially in terms of how you treated the lead guitar tones. What do you use for percussion, there’s some decent sounding samples, but the patterns seem a little mechanical. If you can “humanize” the beat, that might help, or change the velocity settings on some of the beats. Otherwise this is a real clean mixing job. You layered lots of cool guitar parts in there. Nice job.

thank you. I’m glad you liked. The drums were done with the trial version of Guitar Pro. The song itself came to me pretty much all at once, so I just did a couple of patterns to keep the beat. I’ll probably redo them. Thanks again.

You might want to rethink your wording on the download site ----you claimed that “you wrote” this song while watching the history channel!
Actually it reminded me of the Hendrix version, only you did a really neat job with the harmony guitar that kicked in about halfway. That was great! :D