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Hello good philanthropic music makers!

Being a veteran of help forums, I did endeavor to do my due diligence in making search queries for any already existing answers to my quandry but alas turned up no satisfying results.

Hopefully someone will remember a link to the answer without having to type it out again.

The problem is this:

I have planned poorly for the construction of my piece of music and used a loop formed with my Roland Gr-55 which has a patch that sounds and nice fat note with a smalle drum beat as a back ground. I then looped this track (I fear not quantized and as such not a good candidate for the beat doctor.

The problem is this, I’m looking to make a music composition about 17 mins long. I’m 8 minutes into it and want to bring in some bitch ass drumming to finally take the place of the whimpy but still pretty cool initial loop beat. But every thing I try starts the drums at time marker zero. I’d like to drop in the intro and drum beat about 8 mins into the currently mixed down track but unlike audio files I can’t seem to move the drum files along the “X” timeline axis. I’ve tried dropping in markers, selected passages, looking up tutorials. My only fix is one I’d like to avoid which is get the quick rhythms to jam out a suitable pattern and mix this down into an audio file which I could then import into the project and hopefully move the beginning to the 8 min mark where I could quickly drop the volume on the loop and take over with a truly syncopated and approximate bpm of the original loop.

Any ideas on how to drop in a drum track in a time stamp other than zero? The quick rhythms seem to just fill the whole song with a looping track that goes on forever and seems immune to volume envelopes.

And links to threads or help otherwise would be very appreciated and I would credit anyone who could lend assistance. Thanks in advance! I’m not a drummer and doing samplers just makes my head hurt. I’m tempted to go over to my friends house where he has pro tools and a miced real set and just let him lay down some real analogue patterns.

Peace and Harmony!

Also, any advice on creating different patterns and fills, intros, outros…etc. I seemed to have stumbled on a vid that showed this but can’t find it anymore.

Ok, I’m off to bed, just having worked 3rd shift!

Peace Out!

Nothing? :laugh:

Ok, How about getting my ipad 2 to play through my lenonov laptop? Do I need a special headset cord with 4 contacts instead of 3?

Sorry, you are not getting any responses. My guess, we just don’t have a good answer. As an “old timer” I just couldn’t help but think of the old fashioned answer, with is one hell of a good drummer. As that’s not really a constructive answer, the only think I can think of is to start over on the drum track. It sounds like you have a lot of time and creative energy invested in the project, I wish I had a more palatable answer, but sometimes that is the best answer. You have said that the tracks you have are not as good as you wanted, I encourage you to go for the best.
Power to you, and I hope you find an answer that pleases you.

I’ll chime in. Export your drum track to file (.WAV), import to new track then you set it where you want it to start from (Right click, select “Place part at timeline/marker”. Sorry, can’t help with “on creating different patterns and fills, intros, outros” as I don’t use n-Track for my drums. I use BFD 3

"How about getting my ipad 2 to play through my lenonov laptop?"

For this, I can recommend you get a USB Bluetooth, their cheap, like the ASUS BLUETOOTH one for your laptop, it’s really small. Then you can connect to your iPad 2 via the iPad 2’s Bluetooth and listen to music from your iPad 2 on your laptop. I do it all the time.

Hope this helps :)

+1 to Paco. Or - Are you familiar with MIDI? Create a midi track > open n-T Drums > open the piano roll > use midi keyboard or step-write drum pattern onto piano roll at any point in the project that you wish.