Starting all over

New work laptop

Hi guys,
Can your help me? Got a new laptop for work, transferred most of everything over. now I have to get my maudio and n-track working? opened n-track and it is asking for 2nd line reg data. What the heck am I supposed to put in herer? If i put in reg codes for the 1st line data, an then put the same in for the 2nd line data, I get an error.

What goes in the 2nd line??


I would have to say the easiest way to fix reg. problems is to email Flavio, tell him the situation.
How did you get the program onto the new computer?, IE internet download, ethernetLAN connection, disk? Some versions don’t work with other codes, so if you downloaded it of the net, you may have downloaded a slightly dif, version, hence your codes won’t work even if you do put them in right.
He can send you an email with the codes for your version in it. You open that email with the new computer and it usually works.
However since sometimes there is no time to wait for a responce email, I would suggest saving the reg. data along with the original program on to the same disk.
Open the disk inside the laptops CD rom, and you should see a prompt for self registration. At least I get one if I save the compressor plug reg, and ntracks reg, codes all on the same disk.
If you do get a new set of codes from flav,
save the program, and codes all on the same disk.

Hang in there.


nergle’s got it right. It’ll look like xxxxxxxxxx - oooooooooo. Put the “x”'s in the first row, the “o”'s in the 2nd.

Thank you,
Did not realize that the reg numbrs were separated, typed the whole thing in and got “nope”.
Typed them in as two separate ## and got logged in.



Don't ever try getting a job with Radium mate.

Wonder what happened to those guys. Heard one or two ended up going to jail...