Static sounds out of speakers - Help please!

After using NTrack, speakers have static

I’m a relatively inexperienced NTrack user doing simple recordings. After using NTrack, the speakers on my computer are now giving off some kind of static sound. And the worst part of that is it shows up in any recordings! Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? I have used one of the “effects” on the tracks. Static sound persists even when NTrack is shutdown.

Thanks for any help on this!


It’ll either be dodgey lead somewhere, or one of your input monitoring sections in your soundcard mixer/control panel is still turned way up.

Thanks! I’ll check the sound card/mixer things. I have no idea what “dodgey elad” is though. What is that?

Sorry, it was a typo - now fixed.

I think Willy meant “lead” :)

It could also be due to your buffer settings being too low and the “static” you are hearing is the popping and clicking associated with that.

Try increasing your buffer settings.
And also check what driver you are using (use WDM or ASIO if possible rather then MME)


LOL! Cool. Thanks!

Also check your peak levels. Digital clipping might sound like “static”.



Static sound persists even when NTrack is shutdown.

Have you tried rebooting your PC?

Perhaps your soundcard is fried.