Static when playing/recording tracks

Android 9 or 10, generic tablet with 2 GB RAM, Roland A300Pro keyboard

When I play my keyboard through Ntrack, the sound is good, however, when I record one simple part (one note meloday) and add a second track, I experience bad static.

Does anyone else experience static and is there a way in settings in the app or device to reduce static? I’m not familiar enough with audio to know where to start to try to reduce the static.

I know my setup is not powerful and hope to upgrade it soon, but I’m in a country where there’s almost no or limited availability of good equipment. So I want to see what I might be able to do with my current setup. I did notice that Spotify had some static, which I reduce by lowering the bass in the Spotify equalizer, but I can’t really figure out the equalizer in the app and I don’t know if it would have an impact anyways.


Note, when I play directly without tracking, I play things with equal or greater polyphony as the combination of the tracks I’m trying to record. At the moment, I’m just trying to record two note octaves played beneath a one note melody. So it’s not a whole lot of simultaneous notes.

Once in a while it happen to me as well. I simply restart the computer and that seems to take care of it.