Guess I need some help. I’m getting a lot of static out of my speakers, when recording the static is there, when I playb a CD the static is there also. I’ve tried to find the problem but to date I have been unable. Any sugestions would be appreciated.
I’m using a Audigy 2 card.



So, if it’s happening when playing a CD too, then we can ignore the DAW software presumably.

So, off the top of my head, some possible causes:

Dirty/loose/poor contacts.

Interference; refrigerators or other motors switching on and off nearby. Dimmers and other thyristor operated devices too.

The computer system: Are other programmes running and stealing access cycles and thereby causing dropouts?

And there’s probably other causes which I can’t think of at the moment, but I’m sure other people will. :)

Static like sounds can also be generated by software/hardware conflicts. Try the following

(1) Make sure that there are no background processes like anti-virus or chat software running. You can turn off un-needed processes using the Windows dcontrol panel.

(2) Make sure that you have the most current drivers for your sound card. Check the manufacturers website.

(3) Unplug any USB or firewire devices.

I suggest testing playback after each step so that if there is an improvement, you will no what caused it.


Is it steady static like constant hiss, or does it vary a lot? Does it sound like white noise, or is it colored or buzzy?

Open your soundcards mixer

and try muting the inputs one at a time to see if the noise goes away when you mute one of them.

Hi Don:
Are you sure … and… could it be that you might have blown the speakers of your monitoring system/setup? Maybe the playback/repro system has issues… That has been know to happen…