stereo panning not working

pan seen in track vu


I’ve got my tracks panned and the stereo button is selected on the master mixer but it’s not actually working at the output as I play it thru mt headphones.

The track vu meters show them fully panned.

When I open up the sound card’s mixer I can pan it successfully (ie external to n-track).

What have I missed? I don’t think I’ve had this problem before.



Your n-Track mixer may actually be set to mono…

Look at the master mixer channel - over the master fader there is an oval symbol. Try clickiing on it and it should change from mono to stereo.

I hope this helps.

regards, Nils

Hi Nils

Thanks, but I’m pretty sure this is set ok. When I click it to make it go from stereo to mono there’s no difference in output. And when it is selected to stereo the sound is still mono.

Any more ideas? Keep 'em comin’


I suggest playing some commercial music on your DAW to ensure that your monitoring setup is working OK first. Once that’s eliminated then we can start looking at software related problems.



Thanks Mark

I imported a commercial CD song into N-track and played it. Definately mono. Played the same wave file thru Windows media player and it is definately stereo there.

Next step???



Okay, I got it now

The playback vu meter has the little hammer icon for settings including stereo mono for all channels.

Thanks guys.


Good, so we know the problem most likely lies in n-Track, and we’re sure the mono/stereo button has no effect…

Next, click on the hammer under the Playback VU meter (F6 should bring it up if it’s not visible). A settings box will pop up; check that the “stereo” setting is enabled for “Channels”.



It’s working now via the method you suggest, ie F6 etc, however, I only want to record in mono. With this set to stereo my tracks are also recording in stereo. From memory this wasn’t the case with previous N-track versions (I’m currently on build 2088).

Is there a way to record tracks in mono but then keep the panning of individual tracks available?


Yep, pull up the RECORDING mixer (leave the Playback one on stereo) and click on the hammer. There are three options; “stereo”, “two mono tracks”, “single mono track”. I guess you want a single mono track.

Make sure the “Apply settings to all channels” box is unticked otherwise the settings get applied to PLAYBACK as well - which is probably how you got to have mono playback in the first place.



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Glad you got it going…


One thing to remember: When someone checks Apply settings to all channels that setting is applied to ALL channels, Input AND Output, unless that has been fixed in any of the later builds. That can really screw up the way you might think things are set (set input to mono, apply to all channels, output is now set to mono as well). This doesn’t happen to all devices but it does to some.

By the way, when using MME devices just now I was able to set the input to mono (all channels) and the output followed. When using WDM setting the input to mono succeeded. There is no mono output button though – can’t manually select mono output – it’s not supported by the WDM drives on my soundcard. Unfortunately, setting the input to mono (all channels) still set the output to mono under the hood. Whenever I play a stereo wave n-Tracks crashes after making this config change. Changing back to stereo input (all channels) resets the output to stereo and playback is once again OK.

This is definitely a bug in n-Tracks. The option to set all channels should be input or output specific and not both. It should also fail when the device doesn’t support the format, such is the case with the WDM drivers.

The soundcard in this case is SoundBlaster Audigy 2. Other cards may have similar issues. This MIGHT be why some folks have had problems playing anything…yet something else to check.