sterio send on line-6, how-to?

recording direct

I have been trying to record directly from a line-6 guitar amp, flextone unit.
The sound I am getting is somtimes OK and other times filled with glitches clicks and pops…
I have used sterio mics with no problems.
Do the flextone amps require a special cord or???
I use a standard gold sterio 1/4" and a splitter into the board.
The flextone book says type 2 wiring on sterio send.

Somebody help me please!

which model flextone? I? II? III? xl?

obviously you don’t have XLR outputs are you’d have used those… so you’re using the headphone out? correct? if so then a trs cable (stereo) is exactly what you need.

well, clicks and pops are usually a result of a out of sync sampling rate. but you’re not using a digital format, so more than likely your clicks and pops are coming from your computer.

your buffering settings I imagine.

it’s possible (but not probable) that your clicks and pops are coming from your connections- ie your y cable connected to your trs or whatever. this usually causes intermittent sound and static though, not clicks and pops…

give me the model information for your amp and I’ll get back to you.

The amp is a line-6 flextone single, the little one.
The amp has sterio send and return on the rear, 1/4"
No trs on this model.
All the connecting wires are new gold plated.
I think the send might be bad because all the other recorded parts are fine.
My computer is getting old and I would like to replace it, but this is the first time I have had problems recording, and I have recorded from this amp before also.
The one new variable is the room. Could the power supply cause crunchy noises?
I noticed the PA was having problems sometimes also, bad noises.
I will try checking the voltage at the outlets.
The system seems to record fine at my house and other places.

If it has effects sends/returns use the send. I do that with my Flextone 3. If it has a headphone output, u can use that as well, but Ive found that it doesnt sound as nice using it.