Stinkin' up the house again...

Not what you think ya old farts.
Couldn’t resist a bag of mandarin oranges my grand daughter wouldn’t eat cause “they’re too seedy”!
Went to the storage shed. Got my wine making stuff out, and now we got orange wine started.
All wife can say is, “You’re just gonna stink up the house again”. But she loves my wine!

My wine room in Tennessee ! One here in Colorado is a corner in the kitchen.

:laugh: Wife knows! But on the other hand yummy!

Wow. What does orange wine taste like?

Hop it’s not like “Orange Driver” (the ultimate cheap drunk)

Never had any - we’ll find out! Around mid-May.

Hey PW? How about makin’ up some muskedime wine? You ever had any?


Yep - I think I have the right yeast for that.

Done right, it’d put all them Frenchie wine makers to shame… Great with a big ol’ rib-eye! Yum-yum!


I made some one year in Tennessee with some “fox grapes” and elderberries that was my best of all time. Absolutely incredible flavor and color. I think I’ve done caught the wine makin’ bug again. The smell of the yeast and the must is a dang high just in itself.

Gotta find my airlocks though - don’t quite remember where I put 'em.

4 days on the ‘must’ - moved it from the primary to the secondary today. Found my box of airlocks and tons of yeast and ‘toys’ for wineing.


Gonna be goooood - Andy of Mayberry - Goooooood sorry Otis of Mayberry Gooood!


You have all our addresses so you can send us each a bottle, right? :O

One gallon ain’t gonna go far around this bunch! - better break out my 10 gallon crock!

I do want to come to Tennessee this year when the elderberries get just right. You’ll let me know won’t ya!?

I have a friend who’s made a couple of feeble attempts at wine making (he is improving), so I’ll check with him as to when that might be.