Strange Display Problem

I’m at a loss here. I just put 256MB more RAM in my computer last night (for a total of 512MB). When I hooked it back up and went into nTrack this morning, I find that I have major screen display problems. Every time a dialog box opens or a menu drops down while the audio is playing, the timeline area of the nTrack screen does not repaint itself when the dialog box or menu goes away. The basically renders everything useless because I can’t see what’s happening.

If I open nTrack and drop down a bunch of menus and open dialogs BEFORE ever playing a song, everything works fine. If I play the song, from that point on (even after stopping the song), I get the problem described above.

The strangest thing is that there is absolutely nothing different about my settings, hardware, or software except the extra RAM, and yesterday everything worked fine!

My video hardware is onboard ATI Rage Pro. I was just using the display driver that Windows 2000 loaded by default. After this happened, I went to the ATI website and downloaded an updated driver, but the problem still remains.

Any ideas? Thanks.

OK. I’ve made an interesting discovery. It’s not nTrack itself that is having this problem. It is only happening with one song. It’s one that a friend record on nTrack on his PC and then gave me a packed file of it on a CD. I loaded it on my PC and unpacked the file, and the behavior I described above happens only when I load that song. At least that’s what I’m thinking at this point. I’ve loaded two other songs that I’ve done here on my PC, and they work fine.

The interesting thing is that I tried to start an new song file and import the wav files from my friend’s song, and I get the same problem. Also, two of the wav files do not display any waveform when they load into nTrack. But all three files play fine in Windows Media Player.

OK. I just did another experiment. If I import only the file that correctly displays a waveform, it works fine–no strange display behavior. It’s only when one or both of the files that don’t display a waveform are loaded that I get the wierd behavior.

The funny thing about all this, however, is that, aside from not displaying a waveform, that song played fine and did not cause the wierd bahavior before last night.

Funny how verbalizing my problems in this forum makes me think of new things to try…

I just went back deleted all files associated with the song my firend gave me. The I went back to the CD he gave me and re-copied the packed file to my PC. I then reloaded the song in nTrack, and everything worked fine. All waveforms display correctly and not wierd screen behavior. The only thing I can think of that I did differently was that I removed the read-only attribute from the packed song file before loading it in nTrack.

Anyway, it appears that all is well again. Sorry to have wasted your time…

No wasted time here !

The object of this forum is not just only to get answers, but to help other people as well !

We have a problem, and we have a solution. (The fact that you supplied both doesn’t matter that much).

If someone else now search the forum for a display problem, your question and solution will also be available as another option.

Thanks for updating your initial question tho’ !


Yeah what Wihan said! :) Very cool.


I’m gonna remember that. I went through a lot of Read-Only stuff with another program, so it’ll stick in my head right along with that older one! Gave me fits…