Strange phase/flange sound and huge output loss


I recently downloaded ntrack 4.0.4. and I have a strange problem.

When I record (guitar -> amp -> mic -> sound card) everything works fine for a second or two, but then the volume cuts out almost completely and a phaser/flange sound overrides whatever I’m playing. I can still hear the notes, but they sound phased and barely audible. That happens if I play without pause.

What gets interesting is that if I play staccato, giving about one second between pick strokes, the volume stays fine and I get a clean tone, with no flange. If I resume playing steadily, the same problem occurs.

Right now my roommate is steamed that I copied over his v. 3 n-track to get this version, which doesn’t work all of a sudden. Please help!

Build 1811 by the way, VIA AC97 sound card. Windows XP. Computer runs perfectly except for this, including extensive use of the microphone for live internet communication.

Are you using LIVE mode in n-Track? (ie got the LIVE button pressed).

This could be a phasing/cancellation problem caused by having a direct guitar signal and a delayed (by latency) guitar signal…