Strange Piano Roll behaviour

Hi, recently the piano roll window gets into a strange mode, see screenshot. There are two bars with piano keys and a big empty space in between, and in one area, the time markers are apparently irregular…

Anybody knows whether this is some intended functionality whose logic I just don’t undestand, or a bug, or…?

N-Track Studio 9.1.8 x64, Windows 12.


it looks like a bug, I wasn’t able to get into that situation. Does exiting and reopening the piano roll bring back the same layout? Does it change if you shrink the left area by dragging the divider between the note area and the keyboard?


Hello, thanks for your answer!

Exiting and reopening the piano roll brings back the same strange layout. Seemingly this tends to appear when the zoom level ist very detailed, and to vanish again when I zoom out.

Additional Info: Looks like I get this when I zoom in using the slider in the bottom of the piano roll. When I zoom in using the “+” button, it apparently doesn’t happen.


thanks for the details.
We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem yet, could you please send a video shot using your smartphone, which shows the issue? You can send it to


Thanks for your answer, Andrea!

I sent you a mail .