Strange volume envelope behavior

This is for n-Track Studio 9.

On a certain track, I used the volume envelope to set a portion to -Inf, essentially blocking a part of the track from playing for a few seconds. The portion leading up is simply a straight vertical line. During playback, however, when zoomed out, instead of playing at a constant volume, it fades out until the -Inf portion. And instead of no sound in this portion, the track is played at very low volume. When zoomed in, the fade out does not occur, but the -Inf area is audible.

But even the above behavior is sporadic, although the -Inf portion being audible consistently happens.

I’ve noticed similar behavior with other functions, such as effects, sometimes; that is, they don’t work. Then, out of the blue, they start working again.

Is there a setting I should change?

I'm not sure what build you are using. What build are you using? I had the problem with an earlier build. I reported it to support and thought it had been fixed in new builds. I have not seen it recently. However, as you say, it does seem that some issues are spuratic and that makes it difficult to correct in the programming.

Thanks for the heads up about builds. I will try installing the latest build. (Now I’m experiencing playback not starting despite clicking play or hitting the space key.)

Alas, updating to the most recent build did not fix the incorrect fade-outs.

If you can, take a screen shot and send it to n-Track support with details. Does the sound play correctly?

Current behavior plus more details: As usual, the two tracks fade out despite a flat volume envelope leading to a straight line down to -inf. Then the two tracks come in at correct volume where there is a straight line back up.

However, it all plays correctly in the mixdown.

Also, the song itself was created in a previous version of m-Track.

More info:
1. When the two tracks involved are set to Solo, they are silent.

2. To try and fix the problem, I re-imported the original wav files, copied and pasted the volume envelopes, and removed the offending tracks. But these two new tracks also have the same problem of fading out when they should not.


There is an underlying issue with the node editing that must be addressed and that is when you place a volume nodes to -inf no audio should be heard, that being said, the entire width of the track is the work space used to drag down the nodes until it touches basically the next track below it (not good, this is where problems can happen). This can and does create issues with placement as the final adjustment to -inf is too close to other tracks. 2 things can be done, one of which is already is present, the other is to make better use of the space and force the node to reach the -inf setting 1/4 away from the track above or below. The other is to use the drop down and select “-inf manually” but this can be time consuming. It’s there so you can have node reach -inf if placing it with the mouse doesn’t work. The bottom line is the node editing be it Volume or pans, should have a space between tracks so as not to “overlap” the track above or below the track your working on.

Sometimes the placement of a node to -inf sometimes isn’t off. You can do the following if your stuck. Make a copy of our track, the section your working on and try placing the nodes again on the copied track and test. I have done this in the past with what appeared to be a node that refused to go -inf. So I got it working on another copy of the track I’m working on, I then copied and paste the edited nodes from the copied track and pasted it and this, (unlocked or corrected the -inf setting from working). Sometimes it’s just a stuck nodes too close to an adjacent track, that’s why I suggest a buffer zone for node editing of at least a 1/4 inch both top and bottom.

Hope this help.