Stupid Newbie Question

I am using the left mic in on my two challen Tascam US-122 USB device. Great… I record it to a mono track. great. Now… why do I only hear the mono in one ear when I am using headphones? SHouldn’t the mono just cause both ears to play the same stuff? I try to pan it and when I pan to the side where the music is, nothign happens , when I pan away, the sound disapeers. Sorry for the basic questiion… I didn’t know how to even search the manual for this!

In n-Track, click the F6 key until the recording VU meter shows (0 times if it is already visible), then click the little hammer icon. In the menu box, click record mono. As is, the signal you are sending may be mono, but n is treating it as if it were half a stereo input.

Good luck!

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Tony W

BTW, does my icon act strangely if you move your mouse around inside the message panel?