Subscription Model

Complaint and question about new scheme

On the iPad Musician facebook page there are many people who are publicly airing their grievances about subscription based apps.

I am one of them. I understand the new version of nTrack requires a subscription even to save. I am insulted by this because I bought the app prior to any subscription and found it buggy and with an awkward interface.

I reported these things, but I can't even tell if they have been fixed because if I upgrade then I will lose functionality unless I pay.


please note that the iOS and Android update comes as a separate app, so you can safely install the new app and keep the old app installed. The new app will also consider itself purchased until 1/31/2017 as soon as it detects the old version of the app installed.

Even if you hadn’t purchased before, and hence didn’t have the automatic subscription untile 1/31/2017, you could still have purchased the subscription for one month (for $0.99 or $1.99, which is a low risk endeavor) and then decide that you don’t want to keep the subscription if the app didn’t work for you.

We’re experimenting with the subscription model (which has been in use for quite some time by big software companies such as Adobe) because we think it better reflects the way we work. We never work on a release and then stop working on the app. It’s always a continuous process of improvement.
Moreover the model we used so far on the desktop versions of n-Track, of making paid major version (i.e. 6.x, 7.x, 8.x) upgrades and free minor (i.e. 7.1, 7.2) upgrades can’t be applied on iOS and Android.
None of those app stores allow for paid upgrades, or discounted purchase price for users that have an old version or another app.
Unfortunately we need to pay our bills so a free upgrade forever policy for iOS and Android does not work for us, mostly because we spend a great deal of time and energy in developing the apps. The alternative to subscription for iOS and Android would have been a brand new paid app, which would have alienated users who have purchased the previous version of the app, which would have to purchase the new app at the same price of users who never purchased before.


Flavio thanks for letting us hear your thoughts on this whole subscription situation. I think it’s good so far that you’re letting us test out the the full version rather than selling us a separate app. I can tell you that the new app is very smooth, very easy to operate and sounds fantastic with all the new features for me. I appreciate you giving us time to thoroughly try out the new app and get our heads adjusted to the whole subscription concept for a DAW. My only concern about the subscription model on iOS music apps is that most of us have so many apps, and it could be a deal breaker if I suddenly had to pay 1.99 each month for 150 music apps on my iPad, if other apps follow suit. The next few months should tell us a lot about iOS music.

How do I stop the subscription from billing my Apple Account?

I tried the subscription model and the app is great but I never use it. I always travel with a laptop and audio interface.

BTW, I have no problems with a subscription model as long as the prices are so reasonable. This isn’t the case for most vendors. Despite Audition being a great WAV editor I dropped Adobe a couple years ago because they are so proud and think their share of my wallet should be right up there with the electric bill!


if the subscription you want to cancel is iOS (iPhone or iPad) please see:

If you’re on Android please see:…d&hl=en