Suggestions for iOS and iPadOS

Loving the app, and using it every day! I am on an iPad Pro and I have some suggestions/requests for features. 1) it would be really nice if the waveform animated when you change the volume of the track in any of the many ways you can do that…with the sliders, with the part control, etc. That is to say, if it got taller or smaller as you changed it so that you have a visual confirmation of the change…that would make it a bit easier, for instance to match levels, and for those of us who are visual folk, just make it easier to see as well as hear the mix. I think I actually saw it working this way a tutorial somewhere…but it certainly does not do that in the latest version on my iPad. 2) it would be nice to have finer control of volume levels on tracks than the sliders in the mixer provides. My iPad is the 11inch and even with the mixer expanded to full screen the sliders can be finicky…especially as the Midi learn pop-up seems hyper sensitive. A dial, like the pop-up dial for panning, might work…or perhaps the ability to manually enter a number in the gain box under the slider. In the effects department, I play the Native American Style Flute and would love to see someone develop a set of “canyon” effects for the Convolverb mimicking the sounds of specific canyons maybe as you have specific churches :slight_smile: Too much? I can only ask.


thanks for the suggestions. One way to get a bigger control for volume is to single tap on the volume slider on the left of the track waveform, this will open a very big knob. The ability to enter the volume as text will be added to the iOS version of n-Track too very soon.


Thank you. The single tap to open the volume “knob” is another of those little tricks that are essential to know but hard to find! This single trick is going to make my work so much easier!