Super Champ XD


I wanted a low watt amp to record and play some of the smaller rooms that i seem to play more of these days,I usually use a 30 watt or a 50 watt crate vintage club with a stomp and or and effex box in front of it,so i tried a couple different 15 watt models before i tried this Fender Super Champ XD,looks like Fender hit the nail on the head once again,built in verbs/tremelo/chorus/delays/vibrotone and 16 different voicings of 7 different amps,quiet operation through out,all for 300.00 my american and mexican strats sound fantastic and my epi 335 knock off sounds best it ever did through anything before. i know im kinda gushing over it but if your in the market for a great lil recording amp,give it a tryFender Super Champ XD

Yeah - I’ve been looking at these although I haven’t used one yet. I have an original '84 Fender Super Champ which I like a lot, but this new one looks very interesting.

Did you compare it with the Vox valvetronix? I thought they did better emulations, personally…

That looks nishce.
Still got my Super 60 that I bought new in '88.
Never a problem. Fender has always put out good
solid amps. But jeez, for a 60W, it weighs a ton.
I wish they’d develop an anti-gravity add-on.

the vox never entered my thought Tom,i have used some crates for bout 15 yrs and like that sound,so i figured try out a palamino 15 watt, that was in your face loud,a real tiger,it sounded pretty good i thought,but it didnt work too long,i sent it back to mf and had them send me a crate v18 112,this had no preamp tubes ,just 2 el"s,and the clean stunk on it,the tone controls didnt seem to do much,and the reverb ate it bad,couldnt even use it,nice crunch and some high gain stuff,but if i cant getta good clean out of it i dont want it,so sent that back and i had already sent for the fender. when i played that it was all i wanted,great clean sounds,channel1 is just the amp,channel 2 is voicings and gain and volume,tween all of them knobs ya can get a zillion sounds. its digital verbs and chorus etc but they sound sweet,big bottom sound too for a 10 inch. im going to keep it and maybe next summer get another palamino or a blues jr to have also,my crates are both in the shop gettin worked on,dont expect to see them for a lil bit anyways so i had to find sumthin and i didnt want to just go get another 30/50 watt,i figured i’d get sumthin i didnt all ready have

I bought a Crate Taos Acoustic amp a couple years ago - Great little amp - tons of effects and real clean. Only problem I have had is the insert plug does not handle my roland pedal well.

that sounds like exactly one of my crate problems,that insert would cut out it seemed,on both of them,you would give anything for the old metal jack wired direct instead of that board,it’s hard bringing myself to spend 1500 on some old combo amp i had 3 of in the 70’s that ya coulda bought for 100 bux used, just had to have a marshall stack! laughin at myself,ive come full circle i guess, :p

Truth is you can get newer boutique amps that are point to point and all that good stuff, that sound just like those vintage things only better for about the same price, or less, if you are lucky.

luck and me never got together much,so i gotta go with what i sense is right, and most important,what i can afford.Hey Tom,did ya see the specs on them vox vt’s? the size i wanted has an 8 inch speaker,not good,then its not an all tube ,and they dont offer the 5 yr warranty that fender has either,they only give one year,and last i looked i never seen any mention of a voxamp sound on a hendrix album, :laugh:,or a clapton or buddy guy record, ???