Suspect bug

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Your chipset is KT600

Are the WD harddrives SATA or IDE? Some folks are having flakiness with SATA drives and that MB.

Many folks have had odd problems with VIA chipsets through the years. I can't say that's related in the least, but other folks have gone away from VIA motherboards because of past experiences.

As a side note, I just happen have one machine with an ASUS A7V???. It works well most of the time, but has never been good for audio because of general instability. It showed up in the kids games first. It works fine as long as it's surfing the internet, but as soon as any thing puts a lot of throughput to the hard drive is reboots. (I posted about this machine in another thread....before I figured out what it was...and I still don't know why it does what it does...I suspected it was the power supply, but that's been ruled out). I haven't been able to install Xp SP3 because it shuts down while accessing the hard drive. This machine has had minor issues like this since day one. It seems fine then something happens and it needs to be rebooted. Usually an app will just hang. Recently, it's been used for the GuitarPort and internet only. It's been doing fine with those two.

Searching for D's problem has been enlightening.

A faulty hard drive possibly?

Hey…I’m back! I was caught without power in the great Midwestern Blackout caused by the remnants of Ike…Obviously no chance to test anything although I see there was a new build in my down time…5 days seemed like an eternity. I will get the new build on Saturday (tomorow I am attending the Ryder Cup in Louisville) and see how it goes…as of last Sunday I still had the delay bug…I may consider rolling back to Win 2k pro to see if it makes a difference…I did try 2 different video cards to see if that was part of the problem …to no avail…


One thing I’ve noticed recently that may be related to your problem with n-Track is that on some systems and when the song you’re working on has one or more MIDI tracks (even if they are being sent to VSTi or DXi plugins, not real MIDI devices), you get a noticeable delay (although not anywhere near the 5-10 seconds you’ve reported) starting and stopping playback if the “Keep MIDI devices open” option is not checked in the Settings/MIDI/MIDI devices dialog box. Version 6.0.1 will have a new default option that makes the program avoid closing and reopening MIDI devices when stopping and restarting playback without having to activate the “Keep MIDI devices open” option.


I am an old school no midi and no vsti track guy…I record real instruments, live…I will check out the midi setting though…