Switching from IOS to Windows

I just bought n-Track Prro 9 for windows after years of using the IOS version. I’m curious about what happens to .sgw projects when switching from one to the other, because there are different features (effects and gui differences) between them the two. I’m talking about using only n-Track’s instruments, loops and effects 100%. (I’m used to freezing outside source Midi instruments and AUv3 tracks to Wav files to make them transportable, no problems. But what about things like Surround sound, nTrack Drums, Beat Doctor, and the n-Vocal effect? Thank ahead for any information you can provide.

Hi Heimie,

Surround mixing is not available on iOS so surround tracks will need to have their output setting reassigned when loading the song on iOS. nVocal also is not available on iOS so it will appear as a missing effect. The audio engine for n-Track Drums is there on iOS so tracks should load, but there is no n-Track Drums specific gui, so if a track uses the n-Track Drums step sequencer, that won’t be editable on iOS, so in that case you may need to reassign the output. The n-Track Drums step sequencer has been superseded by the n-Track builtin step sequencer. Beat doctor is not present on iOS, but you use it to splice tracks to transients, once you have used the result can be loaded also on versions of n-Track such as iOS where beat doctor is not present.


That’ll work for me!