Sync issues, but only sometimes.

There’s always something, ain’t it grand


Running 2 Ghz machine with 768 RAM… Separate audio disk.

My problem is that things seem to work great when recording a new track from the beginning of the song, but I’ve got a serious delay when trying to record anywhere in the middle of the tune. Sounds fine when recording, but when I go back and listen to the track, it’s noticebly lagged behind everything else. Renders the punch in/out useless, and makes it less than easy to fix mistakes in tracks etc.

I’ve got an echo mia card, stripped down XP, have unchecked the boxes mentioned in previous threads re: system timer, and have tried to follow everything mentioned previously. Am I just missing something?

Appreciate any help…

Try toggling on “Keep Devices Open”…or off. You probably aren’t missing anything.

Changing these might not help. I suspect this is a problem that needs addressing by Flavio, if he can repro it. Seems like some have a problem when playback starts anywhere except the very beginning of the song. It’s been a problem in previous versions as well.

I almost always start at the beginning so I don’t know the history of this ever being fixed, or is it was never a problem and simply never found out the workaround…or course to need a workaround implies a bug or something that could be improved in the functionality.

Thanks for the reply… Guess I’ll use my DMT for punching…

Yep I agree with Ali.

There is no need to “punch in” in the DAW world.

In the old tape multi track world you had a limited number of tracks on the tape so punching in and out was necessary to make efficient use of the limited tracks.

With a DAW just mute the section you want to redo (using the volume envelopes or the non-destructive silence function).
Then just set your recording options to record to a new track.
Start playback as far ahead of the section you want to redo as you want, start playing as far ahead as you want as well and keep playing for abit afterwards.
Do as many takes as you ike and keep them all.

Go back and listen to all the takes and work out which take (or takes if you need to use more than 1 take to construct your section).

then just use the volume envelopes to comp the whole track together.

If you want you can then mix down to a single wav file to save on screen space and resources etc.

Give you a lot more options and editing power than just cutting in and out at certain points.
You may even end up keeping 2 (or more of a take and “doubling” sectinos for effect)

Also allows you to edit exactly where you cut in and out for a smoother transition between wav files (or even crossfade to some extent with the volume envelopes).


Thanks Rich, that was kind of what I wanted to do. The problem though, is that when I try to start anywhere in the body of the song, all of my resulting tracks are offset (late) by a large, definitely noticeable amount.

So, it’s not that i’m worried about burning through track count, I’m seeing a lag whenever I try to record at a starting point that is not 0:00.00.

Does this make sense? I’ve removed all EQ and effects to ensure that I’m not burning up CPU and cuasing more trouble. Hasn’t seemed to help.


One thing I just remembered when you metioned the effects…

I find that if I have effects loaded and “compensate for plugin latency” ticked in the options if there is a plugin compensation figured displayed during playback in the status bar of n-track, then if I recor audio it will be out of sync by that amount.

eg. it seems that the playback of other tracks is compensating for hte plugin latency but the audio being recorded is not.

So make sure when you play back that there is no latency being displayed in the status bar (disable all effect or untick the “compensate for plugin latency” option…

Also what have you got your timers set to in the preferences?
Set them to use your soundcard and NOT the system timer.

Also what souncard driver are you using? I had sync issues with MME and my SB Live. I think once I upgraded to XP I could use WDM (it was a while ago and don’t use the SB Live anymore…)

Also you may find that if you increase or decrease the buffers it may help… I’m not sure exactly how they work but sometimes it seems increasing can help… it’s like if the buffers are too low it starts recording before the system is really ready. Higher buffers let it buffer adequately before recording.


eg. it seems that the playback of other tracks is compensating for hte plugin latency but the audio being recorded is not.
That could be it. I bet what's happening is that it IS being compensated for while recording, but because playback is started after the beginning the compensation is applied inappropriately, like the new track is placed in the timeline with compensation. In fact it should not be lined up with the compensation since that happens at playback. The new track gets a double dose of compensation.

Hey guys,
Just a quick follow up, I set the buffering to default, and unchecked the compensate button, and lo and behold, I am in business. I really appreciate the help. I’m recording all over the place with no issues.

Thanks again, I’ll post in the music section when the stuff is complete, if you ever want to hear what you helped to facilitate.