sync/offset problem

Re-record needs fresh track

I’ve been using N-Track to help arrange a song. I created a midi drum track with the piano roll, and record a guitar part alongside it to hear the rhythms together. The problem is lately, whenever I’ve scrapped the wav file and recorded a new one, it’s always out of sync. Sometimes the track is set to some random offset (which doesn’t jibe with the start of the part), and sometimes it’s just some extra silent space at the beginning of the wav. This results in having to remove the track and adding a new one, which will again have the same problem when I try to record it a second time. I don’t manipulate the tracks or parts in any way; I just play them and delete them. Any idea why this is happening?

Man did you ever get ignored! 2 years!

More info, which version of n, soundcard, etc etc.

June 13th 2006 ? ? ?

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Are you perchance using a Sound Blaster card?


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What is this - n-Track ‘cold case’ files?