Synching Loops

I am experimenting with loops and having problems getting them to synch up. For example, I’ll do a drum loop track but I can’t get a bass loop track to synch up. Probably a simple fix!

Are they the same tempo?
If they are teh same tempo and you have them on separate tracks but starting at the same point they should be in time…

n-track is not the best for handing loops in my limited loop experience (it doesn’t actually loop smoothly from end back to start)

Acid or Fruity Loops seems to handle loops a lot better when I’ve mucked around with them


I thought so. How do you check or change the tempo? On the toolbar it says 120 for each.

The 120 in the n-track is the tempo of the song file.

The loops you are using will have been recorded at a particular tempo. you need to know what tempo they are to know whether
a) they are the same and will be in sync and
b) what tempo you should set the tempo of the song in n-track to.

If the tempo of your loop is incorrect you can stretch it to be the tempo you want but I would do that in an audio editor.

I think acid and fruity loops can do that stretching to adjust tempo on the fly

I’m not 100% sure of that though…