syncronize tracks

audacity has a way to move whole track

Having a little latency problem when using live drum pads with existing track. Audacity has easy way to align, does ntrack have that ability buried somewhere ?
Thanks for reading.


you can simply drag one of the tracks clicking and dragging on the crosshair icon in the lower left corner of a waveform.
The more you zoom in into the waveform the smaller the adjustments will be.
Alternatively you can right click on a waveform, select “Properties” from the popup menu, then manually adjust the waveform offset in the “Offset” text field.


Thank you Flavio, works perfectly!

On iOS, what are the handles on the corners, and the side of the waveform? How do I right-click, as above?


the handles on top of the waveform are used to add fade in or fade out effect to the clip or to change the gain. You only need to drag them to see the effect applied.
The handles on the side are used to trim the clip. You can interact with them in the same way of previous handles.

To show the right clip menu of the clip, you have only to make long press to the clip until the menu appears.