Take lanes - how to use ?

I’m effectively new to this n-Track (last used it many years ago), and I’m trying to find out what I can and cannot do with it.

I must be completely missing the point on take lanes.

Say I have two takes on a track - 1 and 2. I drag the cursor to set a time period, click S, and there are the time borders.

The first thing I want to do is move one of those borders to get it in exactly the right place. I can’t. If I drag the edge, part of a whole take moves around. How do I do this?

The second thing is that since it seems the switch from take to take is instantaneous, since both takes are unlikely to have zero-crossing at the same and chosen point, there’s nearly always a small click on the changeover. Any way to avoid that? Profile the edge or something?

Hi nmw01223.
If I getting you right, I would splice the area and then ‘un-group’ the parts but I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do?
“right place” = positioned to grid or moved…?
Probably best to be in none destructive editing mode for now.

Yes, thanks for your help, and perhaps I didn’t explain very well.

Say I have two takes on a track, 1 and 2, and I have two time split points at X and Y. It is currently set so that from time zero to X it plays take 1, then from X to Y take 2, and then from Y onwards, take 1 again. That is to say, take 2 only plays between X and Y.

But, I’ve got time X slightly in the wrong place - I want to move it so the switch from take 1 to 2 is better placed. How do I do that?

There are various handles on the line at time X, but I cannot find any way of using any of them just to move time X. Sometimes a whole take moves, sometimes ‘X’ splits into two time lines itself. it seems that what I want to do is such a simple thing, yet I cannot see how to do it!

The other point is the the switch is instant, and there is usually a slight click caused because at least one of the takes was not zero-crossing at that point, and I was wondering how to avoid that.

I think I am following you:
I don’t use the Takes feature of N-track, but here is the way I do it.

>Record the first track song.
>Record the section you want to have patched in to the song.
If you do not active the individual record to track ( the red button on the tracks left hand menu) then the second recording automaqtically be recorded on a new seperate track. *1
>Use the envelope tool ( the “wedge” looking icon on the nemu bar) to draw a volume drop on track 1 where you what track 2 to play and raise it where you want to return to track 1.
I do this by fading the tracks in and out - that stops any pops.
>Set the volume on track 2 with the volume envelope and fade it in and out where you want. *2
>You can drag the two tracks where you want them with the X located at the bottom/front of the tracks wav display.
You can do all this with “Takes menu” that comes up when you right click a track - but I can’t see the advantage to me.
I guess the “Ungroup takes” menu is on that right click drop down menu - I can’t find the documentation on “Takes” to help more with that approach.
Hope this helps.
*1 If you want to use a “punch In” Menu right click on an open space on the menu bar and you can turn the "punch In " menu on or Off
*2 In Settings > Appearance you will find some adjustments you can make to these features:
“Envelopes log interpolation” will draw the envelope line between nodes as a curve instead of a streaght line.
Clcik on the button at the bottom “Volume Envelope/ranges” and you can make the nodes larger and set the range to be high and low enought to complete turn remove sound you hear

Thanks, yes, that is how to do it without takes certainly, and like you, I cannot find any information on how to use takes effectively. It just confuses me.

Can’t help feeling there must be a way, though!

It looks like the original pdf hasn’t been updated since the first release of v6. There is a brief mention of ‘lane takes’ in the on-line manual but I think we’ve got it more than covered here.
I gotta agree with Bax - for me it’s easier and more controllable with actual tracks rather than lanes.