Taking Late Romantic early 20th Century

Modernizing…and contorting

Hello…new here…

I bought n-track a long time ago, and have watched
it become better and better as I use it. (VST plug-ins help.)

Anyhoo…use it in combination with Goldwave and

Title of my topic refers to this…

If you take time and read the posts and listen to the

Is there any other guitarist (wannabe composers) that
have embarked on this endeavor?

I’m not talking about using “Classical” modes, arps, and
scales, but someone that actually put Guitar mainly,
into a “Classical” format?

Trying to create something here…


Hey BMG! Not sure what your question is - are you asking if anyone here has tried composing in the style of Scriabin? Or are you asking if there are any composers here who have written for guitar (in the “classical” genre, whatever that is! :) )


Quote (TomS @ April 09 2005,08:27)
are you asking if anyone here has tried composing in the style of Scriabin?

Yo Tom, how much Alexander Scriabin are you listening to? I haven't heard that name since music history in college and then it was only as a side note. I'm guessing that his music is more listened to today than even 40 years ago.

Certainly, you don't think BMG wants someone to arrange guitar parts to sound like stacked 4ths or 2nds. :;):

Or maybe he does....


Stacked 4ths and 2nds - is that what it is? I cant’ say that I’m listening to any Scriabin these days, although there was a time a number of years ago when I was sort of into his piano music. My longhair listening has sort of fallen off of late. :)

Except for Brahms, of course. :D