Tama TW100 Tension Watch

No doubts about?

I’d like to know the drummers / recording masters opinions about.
Is it really the best cost/relashionship Tension meter?
Any other model suggestion?
Thanks in advance.


Ummm…no tension meter? (as an option to any other than the Tama…).

The problem with tension meters is that they work on torque. All of your lugs have to be clean and well lubricated, not bent, shell lugs in good shape, rims flat and round, etc. for them to work reliably. That may be the case with you drums, I dunno. For my part dealing with several 30 year old kits, a tension meter drum tuning tool usually isn’t effective or worth the money. Mind you, I’m not the best at tuning a kit, but I know a few guys who are, and all of them use a standard key. It’s a practice thing, just like performing, and engineering.

For a good resource on drum tuning check out

the drum tuning bible

Thank you for your answer and the link.
I aggree with you that tension meters are not a reliable tool.
Because of that my choice was for the Tama’s solution. A balanced “skin” tension is a much better indication. Of course, depending on the sound that you want you have to find your setup numbers. The problem is that I don’t like to deal with just one option but I couldn’t find any similar tool. It seems to me that Tama is playing alone.
Tama Tension Watch