tascam-428 and n-track combo

anyone here using n-track for recording along with a tascam us-428??? I’ve used n-track for a while and love it’s value (price vs. features vs ease of use). i purchased the tascam and swithed over to cubase sx for recording b/c of it’s seamless incorporation of the tascam us-428. i’m really tired of trying to learn cubase and I would love nothing more than to switch back to n-track. would it be difficult to set things up so that i can record and mix through my controller??? thanks for the help.

If the audio drivers work well, the Tascam should work great with n-Track. My son has the US-122 and it works great with n. I would think the audio/midi drivers should be the same or very similar.

In the midi preferences, you’ll find preset mappings for the 428’s controllers. Check the help file for setting that up. Should work.