Tascam fw 1884 w/ n-track

Is anyone using the fw with ntrack? i cant seem to get complete fader control with it? the tascam presets work some what. but track 1 fader wont work i have tried learn but still nothing . any suggestions?

Yes, I am using Ntrack with the FW1884. Using the Tascam US428 preset in Ntrack as a foundation and running in Native Mode on the FW1884 Control Panel (version 1.4), I have gotten alot of functionality to work very well. However, I can only get one-way fader control. The 1884 will control the onscreen fader levels just fine, but moving the the onscreen faders does not have any effect on the 1884 hardware faders.

Flavio is aware of this. I sent him a note on April 19. Here is the text of his response…

" I’ve looked at the specs for the FW1884 signals and the problem might be that n-Track is only sending the LSB for each channel volume. I’ve added an option to include an LSB controller in the MIDI control dialog box: the controller numbers should be:
4x for the MSB
5x for the LSB
where x = [15, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] (i.e. 15 for the first channel, 1 for channel 2, 2 for channel 3 etc.).
You can download the new build from http://ntrck_swBeta.exe
If you try it I’d be glad to know if it works or if at least there’s any change. If not I can probably find some other tests to make."

Best regards,
Flavio Antonioli.

I have not had a chance yet to try this approach in any depth but my first attempts did not work. I will send Flavio a followup email after I have time to try it a little more in depth.

A couple more things…I was able to get two-way fader control using the Cubase mode in the 1884 Control Panel. However, many other functions that worked in Native mode did not work in Cubase mode.

Finally, if send me your email address and I would be happy to send you a copy of the Native mode preset I am using. My email address is:


Hey, folks,

I’m reading your guys’ posts, and want to ask about the 428 with n-Track: I’m surmising from your conversation that the US-428 is fully supported by n-Track? Even “F” and “Aux” toggles?



I don’t know if those specific functions are supported or not.

Select: File - Settings - MIDI Faders/Control Setup

Try customizing the existing 428 preset by selecting the function you want and using the Learn feature. Then save the customized preset using the Save Configuration button. That’s how I got a number of things to work with the 1884 that were not in the standard 428 preset.