tascam us-1800


every where I look I see that you can record multiple tracks. Im using a tascam us-1800, can I record all 14 tracks simultaneously?

OPen N-track and then select Settings > Audio. It will show you all of the soundcard options you have available on the computer. If the Tascan is properly installed the menu will show the channels available to select. There is more you can do, and people hate it when I give this answer, but you are probably going to need to read how to record multiple tracks with N-track in N-track help menu. If you have not bought the Tascam yet, you will need to read the manual for it on how to configure its software. However, I looked up the Tascam US 18 and will do 8 channels of analog, it may have some additional channels for instruments on quarter inch jacks, but I didn’t look that up. Ntracks can record as many tracks as the Tascam can process and send to your computer.

I looked over the Tascam US 18 at their site and from what I read you can record 8 channels…but only through 4 tracks. You would have to check closer or contact tascam but if you could record those 4 tracks as stereo tracks you could then split those stereo tracks into seperate mono tracks and have more to work with.

When in doubt contact tech support. And if they don’t reply then stay away from them because if you ever need tech support your screwed.