Tascam us-224 preset

I’ve just got myself a Tascam us-224 and N-Track 24bit and am loving them both!!

Something I found pretty quickly is that the us-224 preset that comes with n-track v4.0 isn’t quite right for ‘play’ and ‘record’ - it only works if you hold the button down. Change the upper range to 126 and the button will toggle on/off instead.

I’d be interested to hear if there are any other us-224 users on the forum? What buffer settings are people using?


I’ve been using a US-224 with n-Track version 3 for a couple of years with no problems. When I upgraded to n-Track 4, the US-224 controls stopped working correctly. The Play, Rec, etc. lights on the 224 no longer echo the state of n-Track and, as you note, pressing the Rec button on the 224 does not latch the n-Track record function. I may revert to n-Track 3.3.