Teller of lies

A quick song

Me again!!!

Did you ever start falling asleep and think of something you want to do but didn’t bother waking up to do it? I had a song idea the other night and dragged myself out of bed to record it.

It’s called "Teller of lies"

This is a cool sound Dan. Nice twists and turns in the chord progressions.

Vocals out front like I like 'em! Great Voice. :D

My 6th listen and I really really like this tune! :D

Hi Yaz,

Geez, I’m going to have start paying you for your listening time!

I took what you said other times about vocals out front -thanks!


LOL Dan you owe me nothing, I enjoy listening! :D

Daaayyaaaaaammm! I love THIS! I would part with my money for this song. I can’t wait 'til you drag yourself outta bed again.


I constantly write those killer tunes just as I’m falling asleep. Trouble is I’m too much of a lazy sod to get out of bed and write them down or record them.

This song is a perfect example to us all to drag our lazy arses out of the pit and get something creative done :)

Thanks Dan, I loved it!


Thanks for the comments guys - I guess the mix etc is ok. :)


Nothing left to do but put it on a plate brother. As in “serve it, it’s done”!