Tempo and Pitch Automation (android)

I’ve been using the android app to make some “slowed and reverb” mixes of songs. I know how do do this for the entire song but I’m wondering if there is a way to use automation or some other method to slow the tempo and pitch at just a certain point in the song. For example, I’ve got a song that I want to slow and pitch down just slightly until a later portion in the song I want to slow and pitch it down even more at that point but not all at once. I’d like for it to gradually slow/pitch down over a period of a few seconds or so. I figured if there is a way to do this through automation I can “draw” in the gradual decline in tempo/pitch but I don’t know if/how this can be done or if there is another way to achieve this.

You can use bpm markers to change the bpm during the length of the song. You can see more details in this video tutorial: https://ntrack.com/video-tutorials/watch?v=133
An audio part will continue with the bpm that the song has at its start. To make it follow the bpm changes, split the part at the point where the bpm changes. This is shown in the video at approx. 5:45.
Note also that for an audio part to follow bpm changes you’ll have to enable the Follow song bpm option for the part, in the popup menu that appears tapping on the tempo widget in the upper right corner of the waveform box.


Okay thanks I’ll give it a try…and to slow the pitch along with it would I use automation for the pitch adjustment?

You can set the tempo vs pitch mode in the tempo widget popup menu, the default is to keep the same pitch when changing speed, but you can set to make the pitch follow the tempo.