Tempo delay effects tutorial

is there any?

n-track comes with a set of build effects you can use (autovolume, chorus, compressor, etc) in each of them there is a help buttom where you can find a description of each parameter. NICE…

Unfortunately this is not the case for the N-track tempo delay (at least on the V.5.1.1.

Where can I find such control description?


Weren’t the tempo delay, multiband comp, and another third party plug ins?
Can’t remember who made them.
Ummmm…wait, I’m thinking…just a sec…

Ah, yes, slim slow slider:


Great, just what i neeed. It is strange that it is a third party vst. In ntrack looks like it was theirs…anyway…thanks!! :agree:

Not actually weird, just good thinkin on Flavio’s part.