Thanks Flavio

This is a great program

The more I use this program and the more deeply I dive into its abilities and potential the more I appreciate what a tremendous value it is.


Ted Roberts

Ditto! :)


You won’t get much argument around here on that one,
Oh exept for the occasional flamer, and the ones who always think thay have to have the latest of everthing, OS,4.3, ect. The they want to complain when their system can’t handle it.–tee hee :p

happy trackin’ people!


nice to hear the apreciation ted. N-track really is a great program!!! Thanks too Flav & more Power man!!!


Yeh it’s a fine day to say thanx.

:D Thanks Flavio, very nice work! I would also like to say that Itialians make some very good food too! Itialian, Mexican, and food from the good ol USA! M E R C Y, D E L I S H O U S!

N is something flavio can take credit for. Italian food, well… that is something the Chinese can take the credit for…