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Gig report

I went to see Motorhead on Friday. Supported by Girlschool and The Damned.

Girlschool were great. Still have two of the original members from when I saw them back in 1981. They looked great, played great and sounded great.

I didn’t really “get” The Damned. They had a good response from the audience though so it must have been me. Captain Sensible and whats-his-name Vanian are still in the band. Captain S had an unusual guitar rig: a 4x12 cab with a marshall 1u rack amp sitting on top of a flight case. That was fed by a good-old Line 6 pod. Sounded ok.

Motorhead were something else. Massive sound. Possibly too loud for me - my ears shut down about half way through and all I could hear was “noise”. They did an acoustic song (yep!), and my ears recovered a bit. Guess it must be an age thing. Drum solo was awesome. I could feel the kick drum moving the air around my legs.

Which brings me onto something that troubles me… the last few gigs I’ve been to have had the kick (IMO) stupidly loud. Ok fair enough for Motorhead, but for some other bands it seems inappropriate. Anyway, maybe just me.

Lemmy “doodled” a lot on the bass between songs. Well, it looks like a bass but certainly doesn’t sound like one. It’s like a distorted rhythm guitar played an octave lower. Motorhead signature sound really. Monster sound but must be a nightmare for the sound engineer.

The venue was great - we could get close enough for me to see all the mics etc (does anyone else go to gigs and get excited about how and where things are mic’ed up?).

Anyway, fun gig.


Motorhead, Girlschool, and The Damned! What a lineup! Good god, it’s 1978 again!

I would’ve worn ear protection for that concert, however.

Not to much anymore, but hey that was a great report Mark! Keep um commin! :agree:

Quote: (Mark A @ Nov. 29 2009, 7:57 AM)

...the last few gigs I've been to have had the kick (IMO) stupidly loud.
Ok fair enough for Motorhead, but for some other bands it seems inappropriate...

Could be your ears. When's the last time you had your hearing checked? If you've lost a significant amount of high end the kick could seem mixed inappropriately high.