The Freeze - new mix

Remixed and new drums added by this fellow, Tim:…t-g-ttl

Track here:

Wuhoah!!! This is one o’ me all time fav’s of all time(of yours). Cool mix.

real drums make a difference.

Quote: (TomS @ Mar. 10 2011, 10:32 AM)

real drums make a difference.

Yeah, they sound great. So how long did it take him to do them?

Did he give you a stereo mix or individual tracks. Cymbals sound a bit loud to me. That's the only criticism.

Great mix.

Yeah, Drums sound great. He’s got a good thing going there, graet idea. Loving your tight vocals (as always) :agree:

Thanks, folks!
Mark - stems for LOK, ROH, K, snare, rack toms and floor toms.
For 5 bucks! Delivery took three days, now he’s saying 5, which is still amazing.
I suspect he won’t keep doing this sort of thing for that price.
If the cymbals are a bit too loud, that’s me.
I like loud cymbals.
But the mix will be revisited. Perhaps this is one you’d take a crack at?

Quote: (TomS @ Mar. 09 2011, 7:43 PM)

Remixed and new drums added by this fellow, Tim:

i must tell adam my nephew & our very part time drummer about this hes always looking for ways to earn money but this guy looks like hes got the market sown up

I doubt it, Tina - this is so far below market value that this fellow is sure to be deluged with work. Your nephew could be as well. Just a matter of getting a good product out there and advertising it. :agree:

Quote: (TomS @ Mar. 11 2011, 1:41 AM)

Perhaps this is one you'd take a crack at?

Would love to.

He is offering amazing value but he's gonna get swamped I bet.