The George Stanley Band Album "Recall"

I have recalled the album due to some technical difficulties, ah… who I’m I kidding, it was a Reaper a forum member g4greg who spotted it rite off, I knew the minute he mentioned it, I had taken a wrong turn during the mastering process. So I’m going to take g4greg’s advice and I quote, “a more “natural” sounding drum would go a long way in making you sound more authentic…” He was quite right, I had mulled that over, the exact issue for months, the sound of the drums, so that being said, I’ve pulled the album before press, have tightened the drums up, remastered it and will re-release the Album on Saturday with new links and a new song order. Once again the reaper community has come thru. With a comments like, “Rockabilly meets punk meets straight out rock. great sound for sure!” I’ll make it great, because that’s what I wanted to do in the first place.

Watch for the new links on Saturday.

Thanks again,